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For an occupation that calls for a lot of physical activity, it’s important to maintain good health. But due to the physical demands required to be a firefighter, it’s especially important that your body is in tip-top shape so you can perform your job without risk to you or anyone else. Dr. F. Mark Paz and his team of specialists at Occupational Medicine of the Rockies in Golden, Colorado, are experts in workplace health and offer firefighter physical exams for both pre-employment and annual check-ups. As a firefighter, you know how hard it is to find a doctor who understands the grueling nature of your job, call the office today to schedule your firefighter physical.

Firefighter Physical Q & A

What is a firefighter physical?

A firefighter physical at Occupational Medicine of the Rockies is a physical exam geared towards the health expectations and requirements of a firefighter. You may need a firefighter physical before you’re accepted into a department or during your employment to make sure you’re maintaining good health.

Perhaps you’ve suffered excessive smoke inhalation or a burn while fighting a fire. Call Dr. Paz and his team of specialists at Occupational Medicine of the Rockies so they can help you get back to doing the job you love.

What are the physical requirements to be a firefighter?

Firefighters have one of the most stressful and physically demanding jobs in the United States. You need to be able to handle emergencies while pushing your body to its physical limit. Dr. Paz and his team of occupational specialists know that in order for you to do your job you need to have:

  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Mental fortitude

When you come in for your firefighter physical at Occupational Medicine of the Rockies, Dr. Paz and his team of specialists want to help you stay physically fit to handle the demands of your job so you don’t risk any injuries.

What can I expect during a firefighter physical?

Your firefighter physical exam at Occupational Medicine of the Rockies is thorough. Your exam may include:

  • Check of your height and weight
  • Measurement of your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature
  • Assess lung function
  • Look at your ears, nose, and throat
  • Palpation of your internal organs
  • Test of muscle strength and endurance

Dr. Paz and his team may also review your medical history and discuss any medications that you may be taking. He may also recommend special testing to assess cardiopulmonary function to ensure that your heart and lungs are in good health and can support the physical demands of your job.

Body weight is an important aspect of your overall health as a firefighter. If you’re overweight or obese you may have a more difficult time carrying out your job duties. Dr. Paz and his team of specialists may recommend a weight-loss program that helps you get closer to your desired weight and improve your job performance.

Depending on your department requirements, you may also undergo a drug screen during your firefighter physical.

When it comes to medical care and assessing your health, you need a physician who understands the requirements of your job. For a firefighter physical from experts in workplace health, call Occupational Medicine of the Rockies today.