Independent Medical Examinations


Dr. Mark Paz is a Level II Accredited Physician and he has been evaluating claimants for over 10 years. Dr. Paz conducts a thorough examination that begins with a history of the injury and concludes with a detailed physical examination. Please click here if you have an interest or want to ask a question about this service. You may also call Kris at 303-985-1811 ext. 205

Independent Medical Exams / Rule 18

Occupational Medicine of the Rockies has provided occupational medicine services and independent medical examinations and reviews for businesses, governmental entities and injured workers for Lakewood and Golden, Colorado plus Jefferson County and the Denver metropolitan area for well over a decade.

MRR Medical Record Reviews

Each set of medical records is carefully reviewed and summarized and all questions presented are addressed in the appropriate medical context.

Medical Necessity Review / Rule 16

When there is a question regarding medical necessity of a procedure, Dr. Paz provides a timely medical opinion when it is needed.

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