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Why Choose Occupational Medicine of the Rockies?

It is our mission to provide prompt, high quality medical care, facilitating the recovery of the injured patient. We understand and appreciate the complexities involved in the management of work-related injuries and deliver optimum medical and administrative services to our patients and clients.

Occupational Medicine of the Rockies understands work injuries. Our work injury doctor and staff understand that from the first visit the provider must begin to evaluate and address: cause of injury, any prior injuries, contributory history and mechanism of injury.

Corporate Services

Occupational Medicine of the Rockies will design a protocol customized to the needs of each employer/corporate client. Each protocol will contain information tailored to that client’s needs ranging from: injury notifications, post-accident/injury certified drug screening or breath alcohol tests (BAT), to custom physical examination requirements. These pre and post-employment services add value to you as you make your hiring decisions. We will assist in the design of modified duty programs to maximize the functionality of injured workers. In conjunction with our physical therapy partners, we offer wellness programs and can assist with maintaining the health of your employees, minimizing work injuries, maximizing recoveries and increasing the overall productivity of your staff.

Special Duty Personnel

Occupational Medicine of the Rockies has extensive experience with the unique requirements of public safety employers and employees as well as other career fields that require a high level of fitness and health.

Administrative Support

Occupational Medicine of the Rockies provides prompt and knowledgeable administrative support including: access to our medical staff, medical director or office manager to answer your questions, provide informative and comprehensive work-status forms and guidance regarding the administrative management of work-related injuries. Our office utilizes the best electronic medical record software. We strive to make it easy for our patients to obtain information and keep up with their recovery. At the end of each visit, patients receive a copy of the physician’s report of work injury, ensuring clarity for both the injured worker and supervisory staff.


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Occupational Medicine of the Rockies
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